"The Energy Art Movement made it really easy to enter this competition by only needing to send a digital file. I was surprised and happy to hear I was the primary winner! Big thanks to all the organizers, judges and all other participants!"

- Simon Haiduk, Primary Winner

"This EAM event is one of the extraordinary first steps towards corresponding our personal and collective inspirations together, realizing the potential of this eminent language of perception. Humbly but with resounding confidence, I sincerely posit that we are contributing to a significant motion for envisioning implicit (though invisible to our profane senses) truths of our reality. Exponentially, the need for these visions of dynamic consciousness is being recognized... and I am so happy to be a part of it!"
- Adam Scott Miller, Primary 2nd Place

"This competition so expressly stated in its goals a lot of what I want art to embody, which is what drew me to it in the first place. Seeing how other artists interpret that ideal and what they feel Energy means for their pieces will always fascinate me, and I hope that the competition continues to have success throughout its career."
- Max Wedding, Junior Winner

"I'm honored to be a winner in a contest symbolic of the changing world we find ourselves in today. I entered with enthusiasm and high expectations from this energetic interaction, excited to see the other entries and their origins, and it'd seem as though my expectations were fulfilled."
- Æres, Junior 2nd Place

"I would most certainly like to participate [in the Energy Art Salon]! I'm very happy Memory Wall got through, and the medal and certificate are beautiful! Many thanks to Giorgio, the judges and everyone else at Energy Art. I am so pleased."
- Adam James Davis, Junior 3rd Place