Energy Art Symbolism

Energy Art Logo

The Platinum Triangle

The equilateral triangle is meant to symbolize our firmness and stability in our principles.

Platinum is a chemical element, which acts as a general catalyst for chemical reactions. It is a pure metal, considered to be more precious than gold or silver.

Like platinum, we wish to be a catalyst – not necessarily a direction – for the Fine Arts, motivating individual artists and the various parts of the Art World to strive for self-improvement, and creating works as precious as platinum.

The Energy Vortex

The vortex symbolizing energy concentrated at a center, is composed of logarithmic spirals – mathematical curves defined in polar coordinates, also called “marvelous spirals”. The three branches of the vortex, each have a leading edge at the center and two side-edges, all three of which are logarithmic spirals. Logarithmic spirals are also the simplest smooth fractals which fill the whole 2D plane – likely the reason why they occur in so many generated fractals.

The polar equations of these separate spirals has been devised so that they join together seamlessly to create a lattice in two dimensions. So it is unique in this sense among all logarithmic spirals. Their exact formulas, we keep secret.

Energy Art Lattice

The lattice symbolizes our inherent independent interconnectedness in our visuality.

The lattice is actually three separate identical lattices shifted and overlayed, which happen to intertwine. Originally only one lattice layer was created, but then through a flash of insight, three identical layers were shifted and fell together to join at the energy centers, and make up the full lattice.

Energy Art Triskelion

Through a second flash of insight, from the overlayed lattice, the triskelion emerged. Just by itself, it can make up the entire lattice via tiling. Like the spiral, it is unique among all variants of logarithmic triskelions, in that it seemlessly covers the 2D plane (except for its central “triangle”). It is also likely the first logarithmic triskelion ever to be defined and created, since it seems that all former ones have been Archimedean.

Since it connects the energy centers, it is meant to symbolize the connective force binding our visualities – each of our individual visualities located at an energy center.

Energy Art Collage

On a starry night, at the moment of man’s creation, the spark of Art enters Adam, God’s special gift to him and his descendants, including Eve. A knight from the past attempts to slay the beast of decadence, but he is interrupted by a deadly ray of light, causing the beast to drop dead. Appalled by this shocking sight, the Goddess of Art is momentarily distracted, while awaiting the creation of the flag of Energy Art, ever since Adam’s. In fact, she can barely catch up with the time-traveler knight’s future self, who shoots past at the speed of light.

The hands are from Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam.
The knight is from Rubens’s Saint George and the Dragon.
The woman is from Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People.
The background is Van Gogh’s The Starry Night.
The knight at lightspeed is Boccioni’s Unique Forms of Continuity in Space.
The spark is a fractal flame stock image created by Neil Slater and is from here.
The flag is by Giorgio.

Note that the original collage contained a portion of Picasso’s Guernica, symbolizing the soul of the beast of decadence. It was at first freely included due to a misinterpreted copyright law.