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Essays and Articles

Representing Energy in Art

written by Susan Waters-Eller on April 25, 2009
We have few images of the larger reality of energy fields in which we’re imbedded. Without images it’s hard to conceive of ourselves as a particular manifestation in this immense spectrum and to reflect on the ways we may be influenced by levels of energy we don’t see. To think that…

Cultural Expansion: Building a Bigger Picture

written by Susan Waters-Eller on May 17, 2008, republished here on April 25, 2009
…When a new bit of knowledge or experience actually changes the way we view the world, it enlarges the scope of our understanding. The world is full of untapped sources of knowledge from which to build a bigger picture of reality. Every human being is a library of unique experiences…

Umberto Boccioni and the Futurists

written by Chris Panatier on July 10, 2008
Umberto Boccioni was born in Italy in 1882. He was first a painter and then sculptor, ultimately signing on as part of the Futurist movement; a group of artists anxiously awaiting the changes the future would bring while embracing movement, energy and mechanization. Fellow Futurists…