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Interview with Giorgio Vaselli

interviewed by Peggy Mintun on July 4, 2010
The Energy Art Movement was founded in 2008 by a group of international artists with a unified interest in showing art and creating a movement that exudes energy, whether in light, color, motion or form. The following pages include an interview with one of their organizers, Giorgio Vaselli…

Interview with Miguel Tió

interviewed by Giorgio Vaselli on February 3, 2009
Miguel Tió’s art is an inspired mixture of the carnal and the spiritual. Much like the work of Michelangelo, he explores spirituality through the realistic portrayal of beautiful female and male nudes. His acute sense of composition likely stems from this influence. In his artworks…

Interview with Even Oldridge

interviewed by Giorgio Vaselli on December 29, 2008
The work of Even Oldridge exhibits absolute realism within the infinite realm of abstract flow. Idealism, sacred geometry, or symmetry are the tools of a symbolist. Mandelbrot sets, spirals, or curves, don’t occur in the real fractalline realm, only in the idealistic one. His purpose is likely…

Interview with Magnus Lorvik

interviewed by Giorgio Vaselli on October 29, 2008
In his art, Mr. Lorvik attempts the bravest feat of all: plunging himself into abstract depths where anything can happen. He frees himself of all points of reference, and waits with patience, until his emotions take over to give him wings, allowing him to soar through the myriad of possibilites…

Interview with Shahla Rosa

interviewed by Giorgio Vaselli on October 12, 2008
Ms. Rosa’s work gave me the first impression of being troublingly incomprehensible. A trait of both the cheapest and the most ingenious works. As I kept immersing deeper and deeper in her imagery, I thought to have discovered the key to deciphering her works…

Interview with Arriba Stature

interviewed by Giorgio Vaselli on August 24, 2008
Arriba may be one of the most original, instinctive, insightful, and excellent artists I have ever met. Ever since I first wrote her a year ago, she has been supplying me with her deep simple wisdom. Her art is full, rich, and fresh in many ways. Her special strength is her compositional talent…

Interview with Adam Scott Miller

interviewed by Miguel Tió on August 3, 2008
Adam is a young visionary artist and energetic surrealist. When you see his work, it strikes the viewer with his very strong dynamic compositions, contrasting colors, and use of light. His paintings and illustrations often explore transcendental energy flows. The subjects that Adam portrays…

Interview with Kaisa Koljonen

interviewed by Giorgio Vaselli on July 25, 2008
Kaisa Koljonen is a 16-year-old surreal/abstract artist from Finland. Her works place a special emphasis on energetic compositions and use of color, while being rich in meaningful themes. She is an aspiring member of our movement…

Interview with Linda Wilder

interviewed by Joe Reimer on July 13, 2008
When did you know that art was something you really wanted to pursue in your life?
As a very young child, I used to draw on the blank pages of my parents hard cover books. I seriously pursued it when I was 24 and went to art school…