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Movement Organizing Committee


Miguel Tió   –   realist, New York, USA
Joe Reimer   –   impressionist, Edmonton, Canada
Giorgio Vaselli   –   surrealist, Toronto, Canada
Laura Zerebeski   –   expressionist, Vancouver, Canada
Chris Panatier   –   abstractionist, Dallas, USA

The movement formed in the first week of May 2008, due to Giorgio’s initiation. For the first couple of months, the founders exchanged ideas, invited artists, and wrote the first articles. Meanwhile the movement steadily expanded, from August also with senior members, which convinced Giorgio to continue organizing the movement with ever-increasing enthusiasm. The movement currently has over a hundred members, some of whom are featured. Learn more »

Senior Members

De Es  •  Bernard Dumaine  •  A. Andrew Gonzalez  •  Oleg Korolev  •  Ken D. Matheson  •  Shahla Rosa  •  Satoshi Sakamoto  •  Olga Spiegel  •  Miguel Tió  •  John Vega  •  Susan Waters-Eller  •   •  Nad Wolinska

Exclusive Members

Patricia Ariel  •  Kati Astraeir  •  Dan Bunea  •  Adam James Davis  •  Kuba Fiedorowicz  •  Ladi Fricova  •  Simon Haiduk  •  Helene Kippert  •  Eva Kmento  •  Rollin Kocsis  •  Joe MacGown  •  Stefania Marchionni  •  Adam Scott Miller  •  Peggy Mintun  •  Even Oldridge  •  Greg Pettit  •  Hiroyuki Saito  •  Giorgio Vaselli  •  Jeroen Van Valkenburg  •  Niall J. Ward  •  Christina Williams

Giorgio Vaselli   –   Organizer

He fulfills various roles necessary to run the movement, including networking, curating, and webdesign. His primary goal has been to increase cohesion through movement projects and exhibitions, with a long-term goal of establishing a self-sustaining open art movement. He has been building a multispan bridge between various styles of art, inviting members from all over the globe. Most importantly, he wishes to create a firm intellectual foundation for the movement. Giorgio is a self-taught artist and a distinguished MS graduate of Eötvös Loránd University, currently working on his PhD in Fractal Geometry.

Adam Scott Miller   –   Co-Organizer 2009-2010

He has acted as co-organizer of the movement, for a two-year term between Jan. 2009 and Dec. 2010. His person ensured a greater spectrum of opinions and decisions, including in the acceptance of new members. In addition to exceptional exhibition activism, he has also assisted with the realization of the Energy Art Salon 2010, with Giorgio and Diogenes Lamarche. His general positive attitude has brought even more light and optimism to the movement. Adam is a distinguished painter graduate, with a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art and an MFA from the Massachusetts College of Art & Design.

Susan Waters-Eller   –   Essayist

She is a contributor to the movement’s philosophy, as well as a senior member. She is a captivating speaker and a prolific writer, publishing her thoughts at the blog Seeing Meaning. Her involvement in our movement is especially valued, on top of being a distinguished professor at the Maryland Institute College of Art.


In addition to her exhibition activism, member Shahla Rosa has devoted much of her energy to networking and promoting for the movement at our MySpace account, beyond her busy international exhibition schedule. Artists Heidi Koubek and Max Wedding have assisted with administering our DeviantArt page in the past year. Member Dan Bunea has assisted with our Wikipedia page. The movement has gradually transferred its activity to Facebook, which is now our primary headquarters.