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Sub-Movements, Membership Types and Criteria

written by Giorgio Vaselli on May 9, 2008

We propose to unite under our flag, artists with a special taste for dynamism in the following five sub-movements, each a subset of both ours and their respective movements:

  1. Energetic Realism shall describe any high-quality realistic and dynamic artworks, in any media including but not limited to: painting, sculpture, and photography. Members shall be called Energetic Realists.
  2. Energetic Impressionism shall describe any high-quality impressionistic and dynamic depiction, in any media but mostly painting, impressionism being apparent from the use of colors, brushwork, and style. Members shall be called Energetic Impressionists.
  3. Energetic Surrealism shall describe high-quality dynamic surrealist depictions that enhance or distort reality. Media may include but are not limited to: painting-, sculpture-, photo/fractal- manipulations of reality. Members shall be called Energetic Surrealists.
  4. Energetic Expressionism shall describe any high-quality dynamic depictions with the goal of expressing strong emotions, either positive or negative, in any media. Members shall be called Energetic Expressionists.
  5. Energetic Abstractionism shall describe any high-quality purely abstract dynamic work, in any media, that may also include writing such as graffiti, or contain generated dynamic imagery, such as fractals. Members shall be called Energetic Abstractionists.

Members may further refer to themselves by the term Energy Artists, and we shall call our collective style Energy Art™.

Our members will have the option to belong to either of the following four sub-categories within their respective sub-movements above.

  1. Senior Members: Those internationally known and accomplished artists we admire, who feel a common resonance with our ideals, and who we wish to honor with a more prominent role.
  2. (Exclusive) Members: Artists who whole-heartedly uphold our values and visuality, and their work fully complies with one or more of the above five definitions. They wish to join our movement and participate in any further initiatives we may have, including but not limited to: exhibitions and other collaborative efforts.
  3. Contributing Members: Artists who agree and somewhat share our taste, and occasionally produce works that fully comply with either of the above five definitions. They only wish to partially join our movement, possibly participating in future initiatives, and perhaps even become an exclusive member in the future, once they feel enough dedication.
  4. Aspiring Members: Artists of great promise, under 20 years of age, who upon their 20th birthday wish to become either exclusive or contributing members.
  5. Supportive Members: Any artist or person who shares, upholds, and strives to realize our purpose and our values, through any sort of support they are in the position to provide. Including but not limited to: promotion, advertising, and agentship.

Besides the above duties, our members are further expected to publicize our movement by mentioning their membership at public events, and the circle of friends and connections they move in.