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Energy Art Movement Principles

laid down on December 19, 2008

We as energy artists, uphold the following fundamental principles, as a consequence of our manifesto and our membership in the movement.

I. Regarding energetic depictions:

  1. We practise energetic depiction of the real, surreal, and abstract in 2D, 3D, beyond1, and in between2.
  2. We do not reject the more static, even though we may not practise it.

II. Regarding quality, evolution, “low art”3, and psychedelics:

  1. We believe in and continually strive for high quality, development, and forward evolution4, both in our individual work, and in the Fine Arts in general. We may revisit previous styles/techniques in our work, on the condition that it serves the overall forward evolution of the Fine Arts.
  2. We reject “low art”, whatever we as artists/humans feel that may mean deep inside, in the current circumstances.
  3. The movement has a neutral overall position regarding psychedelic substances, as their use is left up to each member.

III. Regarding openness towards others:

  1. We show openness towards all parts of the Art World, except “low art”.
  2. We show openness towards all subject matters, except “low art”.
  3. We show openness towards all media and techniques of the past, present, and future, except “low art”.

IV. Regarding recruitment and membership:

  1. We wish to discover past and present energy artists, either via their application, or by inviting them to join the movement. This should happen even if they have other affiliations, except for any affiliation with “low art”, or art contradicting any of these principles.
  2. Not all energy artists necessarily become members of the movement, as they may remain undiscovered, they fail to ever realize that they are energy artists, they choose not to become members, or they lived before the movement was founded.
  3. Members may either leave the movement at any time they wish, after which they cannot re-enter, or may be expelled by the present leadership if they persistently fail to keep any of these principles.

V. Regarding our current era:

  1. We reflect upon the current era in our work, and promote what we feel is “good” and “right”, in addition to other subject matters which may not be relevant to the era. We currently promote green energy and global unity.


1 Depiction of visions of higher dimensions in altered states, such as meditation.
2 Fractals generally are in non-integer dimensions.
3 “Low art” may manifest in the lack of overall quality in a work. “Low art” may also come in the form of certain subject matters which certainly include what is illegal, brutality against humans or animals, non-artistic commonplace sexuality, etc. “Low art” may also come in the form of certain media, such as body fluids, human/animal bodies or body parts, some living or dead/rotting organisms, garbage, etc. (except tusks, ivory, dry plants, any other normal organic artistic media, etc.). Any art made with the assistance of technology, is not necessarily “low art”, except if its quality / subject matter is. More…
4 Contrary to backward evolution, or collectively revisiting / promoting / upholding any former state on the timeline of the Fine Arts, instead of building upon all our forefathers’ work with the purpose of real evolution.