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Green Energy Project   •   Canada

announced on April 22, entries unveiled on June 5, 2009

Green Energy Project

Like most citizens of our planet, we are filled with an increasing worry regarding the state of the environment. As artists, we feel it is our duty to reflect upon likely the most major contemporary issue: preserving the cleanness of our environment – what is left of it at least – and propagating an overall awareness towards our fellow citizens.

A group of people is always capable of more than a single person. With this in mind, we wish to promote not only the development of the Fine Arts to a higher level, but to collectively stand up for the preservation of the environment, with the promotion of green energy sources. Via this effort of the movement, we wish to get involved in the most burning issue of our era, while raising further awareness in the Earth’s citizens, and instilling the necessary motivation in them for change. Their individual efforts will hopefully add up to a powerful driving force towards a brighter future for the Earth.

The movement’s own collective effort manifests in the Green Energy Project, in which each participant created an artwork promoting one or more green energy sources, thereby expressing their own individual concerns. We are all very passionate about this highly relevant feature of our movement, as it is also our very first collaboration.

The artworks have been unveiled on this page on June 5, 2009 – World Environment Day. They have also been exhibited from July 11 to August 2 at the Sunrise Gallery, in Hamilton, Canada.

Our collective effort has been positively acknowledged by the United Nations.


Jul. 11 to Aug. 2, 2009 at the Sunrise Gallery, Canada


Dan Bunea   –   Romania
Adam James Davis   –   England
Nikita Duncan   –   USA
Rollin Kocsis   –   USA
Kaisa Koljonen   –   Finland
Simon Haiduk   –   Canada
Diogenes Lamarche   –   USA
Joe MacGown   –   USA
Adam Scott Miller   –   USA
Shahla Rosa   –   USA
Giorgio Vaselli   –   Hungary
Niall J. Ward   –   Ireland


Green Energy Exhibition 2009