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We Are Connected Project

announced on September 11, 2009, entries unveiled on December 25, 2009

We Are Connected Project

Beyond immediate human relationships, there are much deeper levels of connections. You may have also realized that most of the world’s greatest evils are born due to an inner feeling of separateness from others. Just think of the case of races, religions, or nations for instance. Or even your neighbors. But what is the truth?

The truth is that scientifically, we have been shown to be genetically connected through our common single female and male ancestors, further explored by the Genographic Project. Meaning we are all cousins. Quantum Mechanics says that entanglement, or connections between separate particles, is the most fundamental property of the Universe. On the spiritual level, you may also feel connected to others. Love is the strongest connective bond, both spiritual and physical.

Recent technological advancements, including internet and mobile technology, have now further enabled us to become even more connected as a global human race, allowing instantaneous communication and a free flow of real-time information. We welcome this conscious technological evolution of the human race into a Global Village, in addition to the aforementioned levels of scientific and spiritual connectedness.

The purpose of this project, is to celebrate and propagate this idea of “oneness through connectedness” to our audience – the viewers of our artworks – and give them an opportunity to contemplate the weight of it all. This in turn will hopefully make you all lead better and more considerate lives.

“As Native Americans, we believe the rainbow is a sign from the Spirit in all things. It is a sign of the union of all peoples, like one big family. The unity of all humanity – many tribes and peoples – is essential.”

Thomas Banyacya, an elder of the Hopi Nation
from the book Legend of the Rainbow Warriors by Steven McFadden

To commemorate the tragedy eight years ago, which caused the greatest fractures in the human network, we are officially launching the project today. The entry artworks from our members shall be exhibited in January 2010 in Chicago at our first annual Energy Art Salon.