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Energy Art Salon 2010   •   Chicago, USA

curated by Giorgio Vaselli and Diógenes Lamarche

Energy Art Salon 2010


We would like to invite you to our exhibition featuring the finest energetic art today. The We Are Connected theme shall permeate the event, celebrating our inherent unity as a global human race. 2009 competition finalists will also be showing their top-ranking art from various countries.

Murphy Hill Gallery
3rd Flr, 3333 W Arthington St, Chicago, USA
Reception: Jan. 16, noon – 11 pm

Duration: Jan. 16 – Feb. 25, 2010

Please RSVP for the exhibition on Facebook. At the reception, several movement members and organizers shall be present, and we would love to meet you there. Please invite your friends too in the Chicago area.


We Are Connected Project

Dan Bunea • Adam James Davis • Bernard Dumaine • Kuba Fiedorowicz • Stephen Holding • Helene Kippert • Rollin Kocsis • Heidi Koubek • Diógenes Lamarche • Joe MacGown • Stefania Marchionni • Ken D. Matheson • Adam Scott Miller • Christopher Panatier • Shahla Rosa • Olga Spiegel • Matthias Staber • Jeroen van Valkenburg • Giorgio Vaselli • John Vega • Æres Vistaas • Niall J. Ward • Christina Williams

Energy Art Salon Competition 2009 Finalists

Cameron Chernoff • Adam James Davis • Agnieszka Furtak • Simon Haiduk • Helene Kippert • Rollin Kocsis • Pawel Lukaszewski • Joe MacGown • Stefania Marchionni • Janelle McKain • Adam Scott Miller • Doug O’Neil • SPAR • Olga Spiegel • Æres Vistaas • Niall J. Ward • Max Wedding


12:30 pm   Giorgio Vaselli
Movement Founder and Organizer
Opening remarks and a talk about the movement’s past and future, tied into our project.

2:30 pm   Stuart Hameroff MD, University of Arizona
Professor of Anesthesiology and Psychology, Director of Center for Consciousness Studies
Consciousness involves more than complex computation among brain neurons. Subtle quantum processes inside neurons link the mind to fundamental spacetime geometry, the most basic level of the universe, interconnecting living beings to each other.

4:30 pm   Joan Forest Mage
Executive Director of the Life Force Arts Center, Chicago
“Art As Energy Work”. A talk about how energy is manifested through different art forms (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) and how that relates to energy healing, both through meditation and hands of light energy healing.

6:30 pm   Adam Scott Miller
Movement Co-Organizer, MFA
An elaboration on the thematic perspective of the We Are Connected philosophy, via consideration of ecology, biology, physics, and the wisdom traditions to the gestalt awareness of a vast, interconnected universe.

8:00 pm   Diógenes Lamarche
Movement Co-Organizer
The Mandala Connection » Human beings from different cultures and time periods have attempted to understand, represent, and work with energetic structures around and within them. Mandalas are pulsating art illustrating hidden meanings, patterns and relationships.