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Energy Art Salon 2011   •   Russia

curated by Facebook users  •  organized by Giorgio Vaselli, Sergei Pukhachev (Cергей Пухачёв), Anastasia Ryzhkova (Анастасия Рыжкова)  •  press release [pdf]

Energy Art Salon 2011

About the Exhibition

The international Energy Art Movement exhibited in Veliky Novgorod, Russia at the City Exhibition Center “Dialog” during April 22 – May 22, for the first time abroad beyond the American continent. With over a hundred members, some from Russia, the Movement intends to build a multi-span bridge between the various parts of the Artworld.

The 2nd annual Energy Art Salon, was the 4th exhibition of the Movement, drawing from a variety of art by international members from Australia to Romania. Our Salons are held in the tradition of the great Parisian Salons of the 19th Century in France, which were primarily responsible for the evolving artistic excellence in that time, within the style of Academic Realism. In that tradition with a modern touch, the exhibition has been selectively curated by Facebook users around the Globe via a competition, and the exhibitors were its top finalists.

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About the City Exhibition Center “Dialog”

The CECD (Городской выставочный центр “Диалог”) has implemented 46 exhibition projects, starting from 2009. The Center plans to open the Novgorod House of Photography in June 15, 2011. Director Sergei Pukhachev is an art historian and television anchorman. The Center’s efforts include: information and educational activities in the field of modern culture (exhibitions, etc.); visual art such as painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, etc.; art and documentary films, art discussions; implementation of educational programs; conferences, presentations, forums, seminars, and else.

Curatorial Process

The organizing of the exhibition began over half a year earlier, in September of 2010. It was a special privilege for the Energy Art Movement to be invited to such a prominent venue in the oldest city of Russia, directed by the city’s foremost artistic voice, CECD Director Sergei Pukhachev. PR Manager Anastasia Ryzhkova ensured reliable smooth communication throughout the exhibit with countless emails and a few phone calls with EAM Organizer Giorgio Vaselli. Excitement peaked just before the exhibit began, since Russian Customs was screening with extra security measures, also announced in the media – and yet through swift action and clear communication, all artworks arrived safely and the exhibition was held with great success. Many people came from all over Novgorod to the opening reception, which included an exquisite dance performance by the Vortex Dance Studio (perhaps one of the first dancers in the “Energy Art” style). The show was accompanied by considerable media coverage. Many of the exhibiting artists from around the world have expressly stated the honor they felt to have been a part of this rare international exhibition in Russia. It was indeed the excellent art created by the unique artists listed below, that made the exhibition honorable and memorable.


Æres Vistaas (New Jersey, USA)   •   Biljana Banchotova (Macedonia / Canada)   •   Elena Bissinger (Romania)   •   Giorgio Vaselli (Hungary / Canada)   •   Heidi Koubek (Austria)   •   Helene Kippert (Australia)   •   Hiroyuki Saito (Japan)   •   Jeroen van Valkenburg (Netherlands)   •   Joe MacGown (Mississippi, USA)   •   K.D. Matheson (Nevada, USA)   •   Lindsay Swan (California, USA)   •   Pawel Lukaszewski (Illinois, USA)   •   Rollin Kocsis (Mississippi)   •   Ronnj Medini (Italy)